You have a process. We have an automation for that.

Thoughtful Automation designs, builds and launches robotic workers on our automation success platform. We automate repetitive clicks for your human workforce so they can focus on value-add activities.

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The world's best companies rely on Thoughtful Automation

Our Value Proposition


Repetitive, high-volume tasks are still performed by your workforce, taking up capacity for more profitable tasks.


Thoughtful Automation turbocharges your processes by using software bots to automate repetitive workflows.


A more engaged workforce, focused on high-value work. Your company realizes greater margins, flawless results and higher employee satisfaction.

Industry Expertise

What can our Robotic Workers do?

Thoughtful Automation is perfect for high-volume, business-rules-driven, repeatable processes.

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Read, write, and update any database
Move data from one location to another
Log into applications with no APIs
Interact with collaboration tools like email and messaging platforms
Scrape data from any site
Use advanced analytics and machine learning to make the right decision
Extract and process content from documents, PDFs, emails and forms
Perform mundane, repetitive tasks like copy/paste at scale

Leading Robocorp Partner

"Thoughtful Automation is an early-partner of Robocorp. However, the strength of their work is not simply rooted in being a ‘first-mover’. As partners we have consistently witnessed them deliver fast, quality, and cost-effective results to their customers.

With end-to-end expertise they are successfully transforming the RPA industry through; helping to validate use-cases, delivering implementations in weeks not months, driving rapid ROI, expert maintenance, and creating an innovative bots-as-a-service pricing model with an obsession for value."
Peter Steube
Peter Steube
Head of Partner Ecosystem, Robocorp
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"Thoughtful Automation works like magic!"

"I’ve been amazed at the ability for the robotic worker to run processes while my staff completes other higher-value tasks.

Not only has it reduced the time to complete the process by 90%, but it has also allowed us to focus on the bigger picture than focus on the minutiae of a repetitive process."
Kevin Silver
CFO Butterfly Effects
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Our Model:

Thoughtful Automation is perfect for high-volume, business-rules-driven, repeatable processes.

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We bring our industry-leading automation experts to your organization to help you discover cost savings and/or revenue generating opportunities.


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We assess and re-engineer the optimal process with automation in mind. We map your process in detail and identify all inputs, outputs and edge cases required to deliver an outsized ROI.


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Our automation engineers rapidly develop your robotic worker using the industry's most modern and powerful technologies. Faster deployments means more value for your company.


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We deploy the robotic worker to your business users and managers via our automation success platform. We facilitate any training needed for a successful deployment.


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Our team monitors all of your automations via our success platform. We host your robotic workers and assign support engineers for all maintenance needs.

How Thoughtful Automation is different

Thoughtful Automation

Management Consultants and Tech Wizards

Our automation experts discover, design, build and launch robotic workers across your organization. We work with your business process owners to re-engineer the process before we automate.

Designed for the Business User / Manager

We launch your robotic workers through the TA platform. All triggers are self service and centralized giving your business users, managers, and process owners a single place to manage their automations.

We Host, Maintain and Improve your Robotic Worker

Our bots-as-a-service model unlocks continuous monitoring for all automations. We host, monitor, and maintain your bots at all times to ensure industry leading up-time and ROI.

SaaS Pricing Model

We charge a one-time implementation fee to design, develop and deploy the robotic workers. We charge a recurring SaaS fee to host, maintain and support your robotic workers.

Deployments in Weeks not Months

We hustle to deploy robotic workers in 6 - 8 weeks versus 6 - 8 months. Our world-class team knows how to design, build and launch faster so you can start reaping the value now.
No Code

No IT Infrastructure Needed

We host and launch all of your robotic workers from the cloud. With that comes elasticity, scalability and durability. We always say the best server to manage is no server at all.

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