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We build, monitor, and enhance digital workers that automate complex repetitive workflows, so your human workforce can focus on value-added activities.

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Companies have a massive problem... we’re exhausting our human capital and treating people like robots


of workers still perform manual data entry in computer systems


of workers spend at least 10 hours per week on repetitive tasks


Digital robotic workers that automate repetitive, complex workflows

Benefits of a robotic worker:

Significantly more cost effective

No turnover or retraining

TA Robot

Only work on the specific tasks they're assigned

Operate at perfect precision

No sleep, PTO, benefits, sick days

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Fully Managed Digital Workers

Introducing Thoughtful Automation’s Pioneering Automation-as-a-Service Model

Worker Creation

We'll create a custom digital worker to handle your specific tasks and workflows, providing value in weeks.

Digital Worker Management

Our DWM platform manages your digital workers in the cloud or on-prem and actively monitors and optimizes their performance.

Monthly SaaS Pricing

License digital workers on a month-to-month basis.


Perfect processes for automation are high-volume, repeatable, and rules-driven

Manipulate data format, structure and hierarchies
Analyze and process content from documents, emails
Copy and paste data between applications
Log into any application
Open emails and attachments
Read and write to databases
Make calculations, decisions and run through workflows
Scrape data from the web
Interact with any API

Example use cases

A few use cases spanning multiple industries where digital workers thrive.

Financial Transactions
Payroll Processing
Vendor Onboarding / Offboarding
Data Entry
Spreadsheet Workflows

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Competitive Landscape

How does Thoughtful Automation compare with other solutions?


Thoughtful Automation

Fully managed, digital Workforce
Management platform. Zero implementation fees, pay monthly based on your unique processes. Rapid delivery.


Requires full stack infrastructure licensing. In-house developers. In-house process design team. Typically producing little results after many months and a six figure investment.

RPA Consulting

Hefty up-front investment for solution design. Everything required from RPA DIY. Once engagement is complete, you're left supporting an expensive operation.


Typically used for simple automations for individual users or small workflows. Doesn't support mission critical or enterprise use cases.

The world's best companies rely on Thoughtful Automation

Leading Robocorp Partner

"Thoughtful Automation is an early-partner of Robocorp. However, the strength of their work is not simply rooted in being a ‘first-mover’. As partners we have consistently witnessed them deliver fast, quality, and cost-effective results to their customers.

With end-to-end expertise they are successfully transforming the RPA industry through; helping to validate use-cases, delivering implementations in weeks not months, driving rapid ROI, expert Digital Workforce Management, and creating an innovative Automation-as-a-Service pricing model with an obsession for value."

Peter Steube
Peter Steube

Head of Partner Ecosystem, Robocorp

Thoughtful Automation works like magic!

"I’ve been amazed at the ability for the robotic worker to run processes while my staff completes other higher-value tasks.

Not only has it reduced the time to complete the process by 90%, but it has also allowed us to focus on the bigger picture than focus on the minutiae of a repetitive process."

Kevin Silver

CFO Butterfly Effects

I would recommend them without hesitation

"After doing our due-diligence about RPA and Thoughtful automation, we signed up to have them deploy 20 bots for us in the first year. I would recommend them without hesitation.

One of the key reasons I chose them was their speed in deployment, their bundled pricing and their depth of experience in this space. I’m very pleased thus far."

Chief Operating Officer, Top Legal Company

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