Automate the work that slows you down

Take care of more business

Proactively automate the areas that slow your team down the most, with as-a-service automation that helps you scale, fast.

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Your team has more than enough to do already. Automation opens the door to growth.

Until now, automating your workflows was only accessible to the biggest companies in the world. Using our disruptive model and technology, all companies have access to the same digital workforce capabilities that the biggest players in the market do.

Do more with the people you already have, with automation


The labor market may be slowing down, but business definitely isn't. Hit your goals and increase your bandwidth, without more hiring.

Reduced Turnover

People are happiest when they're not overworked. Do more with fewer hours, with a digital workforce to take some of the pressure off.

Eliminated Errors

Humans are, well, only human. Digital workers will perform critical, tedious work, without losing their focus.

Here’s How it Works

1. We work with you and your team to document your processes.
2. Our team works with yours to close any gaps that may create roadblocks to automation.
3. We build your digital workforce.
4. We manage, monitor, and maintain your digital workers.

We automate within tools you already use.

Our digital workers can log into any of your existing platforms, just like a human worker can – no migration or integration necessary.

Central Reach
Google Drive
Azure Storage

Automate Time-Consuming Processes

Human Resources

  • Employee onboarding
  • Payroll change
  • Resume screening
  • Leave & PTO requests
  • Expense reimbursement


  • Regulatory change monitoring
  • Contract management
  • Export validation
  • Trademark checks
  • GDPR compliance
  • Document scraping


  • Accounting workflows
  • Invoice processing
  • Payroll changes
  • Account reconciliation
  • Vendor on/offboarding


  • Invoice processing
  • Claims management
  • Case management
  • Adjustments
  • Medicaid eligibility
  • Data Entry

Join the ranks of other happy, proactive leaders

After doing our due-diligence about RPA and Thoughtful automation, we signed up to have them deploy 20 bots for us in the first year. I would recommend them without hesitation.

One of the key reasons I chose them was their speed in deployment, their bundled pricing and their depth of experience in this space. I’m very pleased thus far.

CFO, Top Legal Company

I’ve been amazed at the ability for the robotic worker to run processes while my staff completes other higher-value tasks.

Not only has it reduced the time to complete the process by 90%, but it has also allowed us to focus on the bigger picture than focus on the minutiae of a repetitive process.

Kevin Silver
CFO Butterfly Effects

Thoughtful Automation is an early-partner of Robocorp. However, the strength of their work is not simply rooted in being a ‘first-mover’. As partners we have consistently witnessed them deliver fast, quality, and cost-effective results to their customers.

Peter Steube
Head of Partner Ecosystem, Robocorp
Kevin Silver
Peter Steube

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This behavioral healthcare company increased their output by 300% with Thoughtful Automation