Customer Intake


Cost Savings, Time Savings, Traceability

The DW is designed to take all of the customer information that is inputted into a Google Form and use that to create a folder for the customer in a file repository. Based on the selections the customer made in the form, the digital worker would then populate the customer’s folder with the applicable documents and populate them with the pertinent information. There’s a dashboard where all of the customers are located and the phase of the process they’re in can be manipulated and each phase requires the DW to take different actions, completely automating the customer journey from intake to billing

Integrated Applications

Box, Google Suite

Similar Digital Workers

The DW is designed to get Customer Invoice information from a Google Sheet and create a new Invoice in QuickBooks.


Accounting, Sales

Accuracy, Time Savings

QuickBooks, Invoice, Invoicing, Accounting, Accounts Receivable.

Quickbooks, Google Suite