Foreclosure New Case Entry


Accuracy, Time Savings

The DW is designed to work from a queue and using the loan/referral numbers, access several portals such as Black Knight and Pacer to capture pertinent foreclosure information and download documents which are then used to open a case within a customer’s Case Management System.

Integrated Applications

Blackknight, Case Management System (CMS), CaseAware, Pacer, Tempo

Similar Digital Workers

The DW will review invoices from various applications and extract required details to add to a single report.

Disbursement Payments


Accuracy, Cost Savings, Time Savings

Invoice, Disbursement, Payment

ESC, Ecore

The DW is designed to track the NDA Review process by extracting information from an email to a spreadsheet. Each client and counter part will be notified via email and will be reminded based on a predefined SLA.

Contract Review

Human Resources, Legal

Cost Savings, Time Savings

Contract Review, Contracts, Contracting, Document Review

The DW is designed to split and categorize a PDF into separate documents based on the information identified on each page using OCR. The information is also validated against what is housed on the client system and escalated based on a predefined set of rules.



Cost Savings, Time Savings

eFiling, Document Splitting, OCR, Filing