Accounting, Sales

Accuracy, Time Savings

The DW is designed to get Customer Invoice information from a Google Sheet and create a new Invoice in QuickBooks.

Integrated Applications

Quickbooks, Google Suite

Similar Digital Workers

The DW is designed to verify ingest information from invoices, verify the status of the transaction, and update systems downstream.

Invoice Status Verification

Sales, Accounting

Time Savings, Traceability, Accuracy

Invoicing, Invoice, Payment, Transaction


The DW is designed to ingest invoices stored on a shared drive and pay the corresponding creditor found using mapping logic. The DW will update all client systems downstream with the invoice details and payment status.

Accounts Payable


Accuracy, Time Savings, Traceability

Accounts Payable, Payable, Accounting, Invoices

PlateIQ, Microsoft Office Suite, CaseAware, Tempo

This DW will consolidate information from client systems and data repositories into an excel spreadsheet. The consolidated data will be formatted and manipulated in order to achieve the client goal (Forecasts, Monthly Payments, etc.). The DW will send the report out to a designated group.

Dashboard / Report Generation

Accounting, Consulting, Finance, Revenue Cycle Management, Sales, Staffing

Accuracy, Cost Savings, Time Savings

Reporting, Dashboard, Generate Report,

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