Payment & Zero Pays

Healthcare, Health Payor, Insurance

Accuracy, Time Savings, Traceability

This DW is designed to reconcile claims that have outstanding payments or claims that should have zero payments. These payments will be processed and updated in the client systems.

Integrated Applications

Central Reach, Waystar, WebPT

Similar Digital Workers

The DW is designed to check the parameters outlined in CentralReach and the EOB in Waystar, and mark the claims that should have a patient responsibility applied with it.

Patient Responsibility

Healthcare, Insurance

Accuracy, Time Savings, Traceability

Patient Responsibility, PR, PR Posting

Central Reach, Waystar

This DW is designed to download multiple, regional reports from Central Reach that have client information in them. Using these reports, the digital worker selects every unique provider. For each unique provider, the digital worker then randomly selects a client that the provider is responsbile for. It then selects two random sessions between that provider and client, ensuring that the sessions are in different months.Once it has done this for all of the un

Activity Statements Audit

Behavioral Health, Healthcare

Accuracy, Time Savings

Auditing, Audit

Central Reach

This DW is designed to ensure discrepancies within application’s data is identified and cleaned or scrubbed if necessary.

Scrubbing/Data Cleansing

Healthcare, Sales

Accuracy, Time Savings

Data Cleaning, Scrubbing, Scrub, Data Cleansing

Central Reach