Human Resources

Ability to Recruit 24/7, Accuracy, Time Savings

The DW is designed to reach out to individuals that meet the qualifications of the job description/requirements

Integrated Applications


Similar Digital Workers

The DW is designed to track the NDA Review process by extracting information from an email to a spreadsheet. Each client and counter part will be notified via email and will be reminded based on a predefined SLA.

Contract Review

Human Resources, Legal

Cost Savings, Time Savings

Contract Review, Contracts, Contracting, Document Review

The DW is designed to verify each group’s working and PTO hours from numerous reports, calculate the pay, and submit time.


Human Resources

Accuracy, Time Savings

Payroll, Hours, Expense

This DW is designed to consolidate their employees expenses by location and profile type and submit monthly eBilling on the revenue reports.


Finance, Human Resources

Accuracy, Time Savings

Billing, eBilling, Expense, Expense Report

Sysco, PlateIQ, Sage Intact, Quickbooks