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Automation that works within software you already use

We build and manage custom automations for your complex business processes to support the tools that you already use.

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Save Time

Get More Done


Fully-managed automation that still puts you in the driver's seat

No post-deployment maintenance

No surprise work orders for bug fixes

Managed 24/7 by our platform and team

Start or schedule a process at any time

Automations by Industry

Tackle industry-specific processes with unprecedented efficiency, and free up your workforce to focus on work that adds more value to the company.


Automate new case entries, client intake, missing document retrieval, data cleansing, and more.


Automate your revenue cycle management, claims processing, Medicaid eligibility checks, and more.


Automate reaching out to potential candidates with LinkedIn InMail.


Data continuity between inventory and supply-side systems with automations eliminating copying and pasting.


Reconcile accounts, generate custom reports across multiple programs,  augment payroll, and more.


Manage claims, check benefits eligibility, and automate payments.

Automations by Department

We create automation solutions within your existing department-specific programs and processes, so you can scale up productivity, without an expensive migration.


Automate employee onboarding, benefits administration, payroll changes, PTO requests, and more.


Automate invoice processing, vendor onboarding, accounts payable and receivable, and any other finance related bottlenecks.


Automatically monitor regulatory changes, scrape documents, and perform export validations.


Process insurance claims automatically across any industry, apply patient responsibility, update billing records, apply payments, and more.


Find new vendors, issue purchase orders, process invoices, and apply payments automatically.


Aggregate data from multiple sources, automate invoicing and applying payments, generate new contracts, and onboard new customers with ease.

Affordable SOlutions

Pay 90% less with us –
no long term contracts

Monthly price ranges from
per process
Price is based on process size, complexity, and how long the digital worker runs.
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Bring Your Own Software

Automations that work within your existing systems, so that customer data is protected by the guardrails you already have in place, and nobody has to learn how to use a new tool.

Central Reach

Verify benefits eligibility, generate claims, bill providers, and more.


Post payments, populate and submit claims for payment collection


Automatically pull data from Salesforce, create, update, and close out tasks.

Google Drive

Automatically upload and share files, read documents, and update files


Auto-populate spreadsheets, generate reports from multiple data sources


Automate onboarding for new hires


Import invoices, update accounts, and handle AP operations automatically.

Email Providers

Automatically generate canned emails as part of a larger workflow

+ 1,000s of Others

Automation as a service isn't an app, and so we don't need to have an integration for your programs in order for you to use it. Instead, we'll create digital workers to go into your existing systems, and use them just like a human worker would.

Automation that adheres to your security and privacy practices

Because our digital workers work within your existing tools and operating systems, there's no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to security. All of your data stays in your systems and servers, and when the digital worker's run is complete, any data generated from that run is automatically destroyed too.

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See a digital worker in action

Watch as this digital worker processes healthcare claims in real-time across Google Sheets, Stripe, Waystar, and CentralReach in a complex, multi-step process that Thoughtful Automation automated for this behavioral healthcare company.

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