Why Thoughtful Automation?

Thoughtful Automation builds intelligent digital workers to complement your human workforce, freeing up their time for value-add work. Using our Automation-as-a-Service model, we take care of everything from design through deployment and ongoing monitoring, hosting and maintenance.

Worker Creation

We'll create a custom digital worker to handle your specific tasks and workflows, providing value in weeks.

Digital Worker Management

Our DWM platform manages your digital workers in the cloud or on-prem and actively monitors and optimizes their performance.

Monthly SaaS Pricing

License digital workers on a month-to-month basis.

Helping you understand the benefits of automation

View the 5-minute highlight reel of our Automation in Healthcare Webinar

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A few use cases spanning multiple industries where digital workers thrive.

Financial Transactions
Payroll Processing
Vendor Onboarding / Offboarding
Data Entry
Spreadsheet Workflows
Our Process

Thoughtful Automation sets you up for success with our people + process + technology approach

Review and Consultation

We'll review your use cases to assess ROI and feasibility.


We'll create process design documentation defining exactly the tasks and workflows your digital worker will perform.

Build and Deploy

Iterative development delivering unmatched speed to value. Getting your worker productive quickly.

Digital Workforce Management

Proactive monitoring and maintenance with a 99% uptime SLA.

Digital Worker Capabilities

Thoughtful Automation gives you the ability to do more with your existing systems, processes and tools.

Web automation

Automate across your application portfolio eliminating the need for common web actions like filling out forms, clicking on buttons, and downloading files.

Desktop Applications

Automate desktop-based workflows on applications within Windows, Linux, macOS.

API & HTTP automation

Send and receive HTTP requests to in-house or third-party APIs automating tedious tasks involving multiple applications.


Leverage open-source libraries to automate data extraction and task execution on various mainframe-based systems and terminal types.

Enterprise Applications

Automate business rule based and high volume tasks like adding notes to a sales order or account, syncing data between legacy systems and ERP applications, and improving business efficiency overall.

Cloud Services

Connect to all major cloud-service providers to utilize ML, AI, and HPE (high performance computing) solutions for raw data, image, video, and document processing.

Featured Case Studies

TA is delivering 235%+ ROI to a behavioral healthcare company

A behavioral healthcare company had a growing backlog of invoices not getting out to customers due to the repetitive nature of the process.

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Enterprise Revenue Cycle Automation

How do we comprehensively automate the entire revenue cycle function for a behavioral healthcare provider?

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Flexible pricing paid

Monthly price ranges from
per process
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Price is based on process size, complexity, and how long the digital worker runs.
TA Robot
TA Promise

to deliver unquestionable ROI with every digital worker deployed.

Trust and Security

Security is built directly into our development lifecycle, by performing both automated security scans and red team style penetration tests on every build and deployment.

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